Who is the SVBA?
Sac Valley Beach is a collaborative effort amongst local beach clubs in the Sacramento region to provide organized and structured sand volleyball events for our youth.
Where are the tournaments held? What are the start times?
AM Events – Start at 8am (arrive to Check-In no later than 7:45am)
PM Events – Start at 2pm (arrive to Check-In no later than 1:45pm)
What is the tournament format? Are schedules released in advance? Are schedules available online?
Tournaments start with pool play to determine seeding for bracket play. After completion of pool play, all pairs advance to a double-elimination bracket. Therefore, all pairs are guaranteed a minimum of four matches in a tournament.
Playing schedules are NOT released in advance, nor are they available online. All playing schedule information will be shared by Tournament Director at the beginning of the tournament.
Do my partner and I have to wear matching uniforms?
No. While there are no uniform requirements, many pairs chose to wear matching apparel, or tank tops/shirts displaying their beach club affiliation.
Are the age groups the same for beach as indoor? If my partner and I are different ages, what age group should we play in? Can I play “up” in an older age group?
Simply put, the athlete’s actual age on the day of the tournament is their playing age. Players may play “up” in an age group, but not down (unless an event is combined by Tournament Director)
12s – Both participants should be age 12 or under on the day of the tournament
14s – Both participants should be age 14 or under on the day of the tournament
16s – Both participants should be age 16 or under on the day of the tournament
18s/College – These events are open to all participants, including those currently in college
Do I have to play with a partner from my own beach club? Why don’t I see my beach club listed on the drop down menu when I register for a tournament?
Pairs are NOT required to participate with partners in the same club, even though that is frequently the case. We offer a “Mixed” option on our online registration drop-down menu for pairs made up of players from two different beach clubs. The beach clubs listed on the online registration drop down menu (and all of our current marketing) have pledged their financial and partnership support to the SVBA. SVBA is always open to adding new partner beach clubs!
What do I need to bring to the tournament?
Recommended Items to bring:
· Plenty of water & snacks (tournaments last from 4 to 6+ hours)
· Sunscreen, chair, sunglasses, hat/visor, sandsocks & shade (some sites have shade, other sites do not)
Do I need to have a coach at a tournament? Are there any specific rules that coaches and parents should be aware of? Does beach volleyball have rules that differ from indoor?
Coaches are not required, and many pairs play in tournaments without coaches. If you are fortunate enough to have a coach present at a tournament, they (just like your parents) have specific rules they must follow:
Instructive Communication (affecting a match in progress) from coaches, parents, and outside spectators is strictly prohibited. The only exception to these rules is: · Between sets/matches · During Timeouts (both Technical and player initiated timeouts) · On a “Walk & Talk” side change (as long as communicating coach/parent/fan walks with player/s, and does not extend the ‘accepted amount of time’ to walk to the opposite of the court.)
Additional details regarding the communication rules, as well as the additional rules that govern play, can be found here:
Tournament Rules – Sac Valley Beach Association